Aidbit Dex is the liquidity hub of the Aidbit wallet and platform ecosystem. It is built on top of Uniswap V2, providing faster token swaps between users and easy ways for liquidity providers to create liquidity pools and earn transaction fees on top of it.

Aidbit Dex is the liquidity hub of the Aidwallet, and it’s designed to integrate with multiple trade APIs in order that users can exchange cryptocurrencies while not having to move their coins away from the Aidwallet. As always, the purpose of the wallet application is the simplification of the system in order that end-users can use the app without trouble. Aidbit Dex is designed to be the liquidity spine of Aidwallet. Aidbit Dex interacts with partnered exchanges and different OTC service providers so that we can match prices in actual time and accurate conversion rates. The matching engine will optimize executions of orders so that our users do not suffer from high slippage.

Even though Aidbit Dex will rely upon liquidity from different massive crypto exchanges on the start, we intend to transform Aidbit Dex into a state-of-the-art standalone exchange with unmatched liquidity from the C-marketplace.