-> 7 Billion minted at the start in Fixed Supply(auto burn reduces supply with transactions).
-> 1,973,590,516.39 belong to the Creators, Development Team and also Sold in Private Sale to Seed Investors to start with application development on all platforms. (22% of total initial minted supply, locked for 1 Year with Unicrypt’s linear lock for everyone
-> 2,460,000,000.00 $AIDTOKENs to go for sale in 3 stages hosted on different launchpads and platforms at different price points and locking periods. (35.14% of the total supply)
-> 1,677,300,000.00 $AIDTOKENs to go to liquidity pools on exchanges after the funds are raised in the ICO stages. (23.96% of the total supply)
-> 700,000,000.00 $AIDTOKENs to be used on the platform to help raise funds and also for supporting charities. (10% of the total supply, locked for 1 year with Unicrypt’s Linear lock)
-> 300,000,000.00 $AIDTOKENs to be used for marketing and development, including airdrops and promos. (4.28% of the total supply)
->200,000,000.00 $AIDTOKENs will be burnt with Project Milestones and will be reduced from the total supply. (2.86% of the total supply, locked for `1 year with Unicrypt’s Linear lock)