With the rise in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, everyone around the world has started to understand the true value of a decentralized system. The cryptocurrency boom we’re experiencing under a global pandemic has provided necessary funds to many ongoing relief services, aids, communities, small and big businesses, and startups and has benefited everyone.

The decentralized architecture and the ability to deploy applications over blockchains along with the growth of cryptocurrency use in charities and donations to raise funds, has given birth to Aidbit Fundraising Platform, a dedicated place to raise crypto for a good cause. Aidbit Fundraising Platform is the best place to raise funds in any cryptocurrency, whether you’re an individual, a group, a community, or a business, with the lowest gas and transaction fees, one of the safest non-custodial multi-currency wallets, Token Swap, Automated Market Maker and NFT marketplace down the pipeline, rest assured, you’re partly participating in charities and partly investing.

Platform’s Features in a summary:

AIDWALLET – Safe and Secure multi-currency wallet. It is the safest place to store, transfer and receive, multiple Cryptocurrency assets. It is non-custodial, which means private key to access the wallet always stays with the user and never leave the system they are using. It offers faster transactions on lower gas fees. It also allows the user to purchase cryptocurrencies with any Fiat currency and hold it in their wallets, thanks to Aidbit’s partner payment systems. (Supported Currencies at the start: BTC, ETH, BNB, DAI, USDT, USDC //Will support more assets as the project updates)
Start a Fundraiser or a Campaign – The platform allows a user to start a fundraiser for any good cause, also provides communities/businesses to host campaigns for longer time durations. Upon completion of the fundraiser/campaign, all the funds can be easily withdrawn into the user’s Aidwallet at no cost, and then they can use it how they wish to.
Easy Participation in any Fundraiser/Campaigns – Users can easily participate in ongoing fundraisers or campaigns, with their crypto (which they can transfer into their AIDWALLETS), or purchase crypto from inside their Aidwallets.
Rewards on both ends – Aidbit will offer participation rewards to users upon participation in every fundraiser/campaign, at the same time, it will help raise funds to the ones who Arbitrators rate the most as “in-need”. All the rewards are to be given out in Aidbit Tokens, which is Aidbit’s native governance & arbitration token.
Community Marketing –Aidbit community, the peeps as the founders call it, is very helpful. Every Fundraiser/Campaign on the platform will be put into community discussions on the Discord server, for peeps to share it with the outside world. Peeps are rewarded for doing so.