Fundly: This is probably the best known of the non-profit crowdfunding sites. This platform charges a fee for all campaigns and a small transaction fee for processing. It offers a customizable donation page, with an integrated mobile experience. You can use multiple media formats to promote your cause as well as blogging.

Salsa: This p2p platform offers branded marketing materials for every supporter and customizes messages as well. It is a fully integrated system with Salsa CRM. So, if you already use that, software data is easily transferred.

Soapbox Engage: It is a social change platform that offers not only the ability to create cause for donation but allows you to create forms, petitions, and events to further your cause.


Kickstarter: It is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to market potential products or businesses for investors to donate. You create a custom page for your book, game, or any other creative project and then set a goal and start building funds. Each project will set up designated donations that have rewards attached to them.

Indigogo: It is an immense sight for startups and creatives that uses similar methods to Kickstarter. You set up a custom page and goals and market your campaign. They have integrated systems to help with the fulfillment of delivery, mobile management, perk options, etc.

Seedrs: This crowdfunding platform uses equity investing to raise funds for small businesses and startups. It has three options to invest whether equity, funds or convertible donations and allows other investors a discount in the future