The requirements that we have put on the end product were divided into basic functionalities and optional functionalities.

1.Account management: Create an account, login, profile, settings, personal info, personal dashboard.
2.Aidwallet Creation: Create Aidwallet, set secure password, set recovery seed phrase.
a. Fund Aidwallet : Buy crypto with acceptable fiat payment methods
b. Send/Receive Crypto: Send/Receive crypto currencies and tokens to other wallet address across all blockchains
c. Integration with exchanges: Multiple exchanges can be integrated within a user’s profile for easy trading
d. Token Swaps and Cross Chain Swaps: Users can easily swap across multiple token swap services and across block chains too.
e. Withdraw funds: Withdraw funds back to linked fiat bank account/payment method.
3.Start a campaign: send in a proposal for a campaign (webform; proposal to be accepted by at least 20 arbitrators before it is listed on the platform). – Campaigns usually have fixed duration to run. Can run for 120,180,200 or 240 days. Funds to be raised have no maximum cap, but fee applies to list every campaign. (Suitable for charity organisations, helping organisations to provide donors/fundraisers a portal to receive funds in crypto currencies)
4.Start a Fundraiser: send in a proposal for a fundraiser (webform; proposal to be accepted by at least 20 arbitrators before it is listed on the platform) – Fundraisers can run from 15 days to 45 days. Fundraisers have targeted value to be raised and the specific cryptocurrency the fundraiser wants to be raised. No fees applicable
5.Share function: functionality so that a campaign can be shared within social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and potentially Pinterest and Google.
6.Review function: Funders should have the opportunity to give reviews about and react to events that have taken place.
7.Countdown timer: a timer that shows how much time a campaign has left until it closes.
8.Current overview: each campaign should show for example the number of tickets sold/sold/number of investors, the amount of money raised so far and the goal amount to be raised.
1.Contribution invitation: functionality to send out concrete requests to contribute a certain amount within the personal social network.
2.Personalized recommendations (recommender system): the system will advise, suggest, or give concrete offers. Logged-in visitors see a personalized recommendation based on social profiles and the platform’s web page content and actions.
3.Arbitration: Holders of Aidbit tokens are randomly selected for arbitration duties to make sure posts coming on the platform are filtered. If a post is successfully funded, upon withdrawal of funds by the fundraiser, a portion of fee is sent to all the arbitrators.
4.Communication tools: communication possibilities with other members and/or the organization of an event via chat.
5.Connection with social media: e.g. Facebook application for special opportunities and/or campaigns that enabled even more interaction with the target group.
6.Social login: login with a social account.
7.Notifications: reminders and/or messages related to upcoming events and updates of events.
8.Promotion function: functionality to share and promote events on different levels:community (everyone), events (only participants of a specific event), social media (within social networks).
9.Campaign management: management tools for the event organization.
10Reports/statistics: data analyses, tools for advanced analysis of the web page visits