The backbone functionality of Aidbit’s fundraising platform works upon the following principles:

1.The platforms operate by allowing those seeking finance to make a pitch on the site outlining how much money they need, what they need the money for, if anything, you get in return for contributing. All the money required and to be raised is to be provided in cryptocurrencies or Tokens supported by Aidbit platform.

  1. Potential funders can then view pitches on the platform, interact with both those looking for finance and other potential funders, and then decide whether or not they want to back the campaign.
  2. The majority of platforms operate the all–or–nothing model where, if the target amount is not raised within a given timeframe, contributions are returned to funders and no financing goes ahead, but we are using the Keep It All model, anything you raise is yours.

Moreover, a user is free to use the following elements of the platform.

Login and create Aidwallet – Multi-currency crypto wallet with the following features:

o Buy cryptocurrencies with any fiat payment methods.

o Send/Receive cryptocurrencies in the Aidwallet

o Swap BSC tokens in the wallet, with the help of inbuilt AMM (automated market maker)

o A complete DEX suite, user-friendly to fit the users’ trading needs, order book, and spot trading.

Set up a fundraiser or a campaign to receive funds.
Donate funds to an already existing fundraiser or a campaign.
Easily withdraw funds when a fundraiser is complete back to users’ Aidwallet.
Aidwallet token holders can arbitrate and earn more Aidbit tokens as rewards.