Aidbit decentralized system, its platform, and all the components are being developed keeping trust minimization and neutrality in mind at all times and it will stay this way for the future. In such a system, it is crucial that governance is constrained to where it is strictly necessary. The governance and framework model would be initially used centrally, on discord servers or self-hosted voting system, before the launch. Postlaunch, the governance
system will go decentralized like Sybil.

  • A holder with a minimum of 10 million $AIDTOKENs (10,000,000.00) in their wallet becomes a governor.
  • A governor has the ability to post proposals (Changes/Updates they wish to be executed by the devs in any phase of the project lifecycle, platform development).
  • A governor has the ability to vote on proposals posted by other governors, to approve them or disapprove of them.
  • Core team developers are always acting as Governors irrespective of the balance in their wallets.
  • A governor earns the maximum amount of $AIDTOKENs as rewards when transactions occur.
  • All governor tokens are locked with vesting at the starting phase of the project.
  • A vote by a governor with $AIDTOKEN balance of 10,000,000.00 is counted as 1 vote, so if a governor holds 12,000,000.00, their vote will be counted as 1.2 in the vote tally and counting.

Governance on Aidbit platform has already started on Discord servers and team and devs are looking into more centralized ways to accommodate more private sale investors and get them involved in early governance.