Invigilation & Arbitration system on the Aidbit platform makes sure community-led rules and regulations are always in action on the decentralised network. Invigilators and Arbitrators help the correct types of posts (the fundraisers or campaigns which abide by platforms rules) to be listed on the platform, help resolve disputes in
transactions as reported by users. For their work, they have rewarded $AIDTOKENs and even other cryptocurrencies.

  • A holder with a minimum of 1 million $AIDTOKENs (1,000,000.00) in their wallet becomes an arbitrator/invigilator.
  • An arbitrator approves the listings posted by users to raise funds.
  • They check if the posts meet all the minimum platform listing criteria and rules.
  • A post once approved by at least 20 Arbitrators (at the start of phase 1 till phase 2) or
  • 100 Arbitrators ( in the later phases ) gets to be listed on the platform and gets the green light to raise funds decentralized way.
  • When a certain fundraiser post or campaign is successful, and the user withdraws the amount from their wallets, a small fee is rewarded back to all the arbitrators who participated to approve the post.
  • An arbitrator also resolves transaction disputes between users and is rewarded
  • $AIDTOKENs for the same. All the governors are arbitrators/invigilators by default.

Invigilation and Arbitration system only gets to start once the platform is deployed on the mainnet, that is phase 2.