One of Aidbit’s main objectives is to create a platform that can improve our user’s experience and boost the chance of our creators to reach the maximum of the audience as well as facilitate the access and the funding process for our funders, and provide a place where they can build their trust and look for promising talents and empowering entrepreneurs to help in creating new possibilities. To make sure all the objectives are met and the application thrives on the open-source decentralized platform; Aidbit is following a set of objectives at its every development phase.

Code and Documentations are maintained at every development stage.
Aidbit is decentralized, completely, so it will not keep or store any sensitive data, payment, or financial details of a user. A user has to make sure their keys or passwords stay safe with them and are not vulnerable to be stolen.
A clean, modern, and attractive design to the platform to make it look good, at the same time it has to be very user friendly. Even the smallest elements on the Web Application to be annotated and linked to help sections.
Fiat payment systems and KYC checks – Aidbit would require both from its users if they are buying Cryptocurrencies on Aidbit’s platform. Since the sale of cryptocurrencies in fiat methods is regulated in many countries and regions, KYC procedures are mandatory for all users.