With Aidwallet, the users can safely and securely store, send or receive their crypto assets. Users can check authentic-time wallet balances along with it, and the near-instant settlements will avail them to regulate the original costs of transactions they are making. Users will be able to spend currency that is available in their wallet balance. An error message will be displayed whenever one attempts to spend more currency than is available for spending that protects them from debt. A QR code along with auto copy-paste wallet addresses represented as the “Send” feature will be enabled to send/receive currency via QR code or public wallet address.

These features will assist users to ensures that they offer the accurate wallet addresses for “Sending” and “Receiving” cryptocurrencies to defend them from any shape of lack of funds by way of incorrect use of either sender or receiver. There are also transaction records to offer customers a transaction ID for each transaction they perform through the wallet so that they can control transactions after “Sending” or “Receiving” to make sure that payments occurred.

Another massive trouble of the cryptocurrency marketplace that Aidwallet solves is the problem of human-readable addresses. As a substitute for getting complicated wallet addresses which might be tough to read let alongside do not forget for human beings our users can be capable of assign names to the addresses they acquire or sent cryptocurrency to. This lets customers customize their cryptocurrency experience and will substantially ease the use of cryptocurrencies in each day’s transactions.

Nevertheless, the highest crucial characteristic we need to add to Aidwallet is re-current payment and subscription-based services options. It is a vital banking function that up to now isn’t always presented with the aid of cryptocurrency wallets. The re-current transactions are essential for many corporations and make up a vast marketplace proportion of transactions.

The service that Aidwallet can provide to users is enormous because many days after days payments such as rent, water and power can be cataloged at the beginning of every month to permit Aidwallet users to without problems take care of those varieties of transactions. At the same time, Aidwallet could be capable of offer a price proposition to crypto-influencers to accept month-to-month ordinary donations from their fan base or allow subscription-primarily based services to market their products to cryptocurrency users. In our opinion, the need for such a characteristic in cryptocurrency wallets is blatantly apparent and a must-have for the cryptocurrency market if it’s miles to mature and to end up the favored method of payment for people globally.

Manage Wallet screen

Send/Recieve Crypto

Aidwallet enables easily laid out send/receive crypto functions across all blockchain networks.

Send Crypto Functions

Send Cryptocurrency – Enables users to send any cryptocurrency or token to a target wallet adress on a particular blockchain network.
Asset to Send – Users can send any asset from their wallets. Displays asset’s current trading price and the amount held in user’s Aidwallet.
Quickselection of amount to be sent out in the transaction.
Reciever’s Address – Wallet address of the user on the receiving end. Must be very careful when sending with the address and the network on which the cryptocurrency/token is being sent to or assets can be lost.
Transaction Rate – This is the speed at which the user wants to carry out transaction. Gas over transactions is calculated in GWEI.
Receive Cryptocurrency

Receive Crypto Functions

Receive cryptocurrency – Enables users to receive any cryptocurrency in their aidwallets from all blockchain networks.
Change Wallet Button – Enables users to switch between wallets to receive their cryptocurrency.
Select currency to receive – A simple dropdown to select the cryptocurrency to receive.
A quick selection pane with most used cryptocurrencies.
Receiving address that you can provide to the sender or a scannable QR code, which will be more helpful in mobile app ports.
Store Crypto

Aidwallet is a non-custodial decentralized wallet that does not hold any currency or user’s details with itself. What that means is, currency in the Aidwallet can be moved into other wallets on the blockchain networks easily for easy withdrawals, while the user’s private key to access the wallet always remains with the user and is never stored on the platform.

Store Crypto Assets