Why Native Currency?

Aidbit’s creators and founders want the platform to be always available for community-led growth, environment, and self-sustainability. $AIDTOKEN holders become eligible to govern the ecosystem, invigilate and arbitrate disputes on the system.

  • — A balance of a minimum of 1 Million $AIDTOKENs allows an individual to take up arbitration and invigilation duties which they receive rewards and benefits from each case they resolve and each fundraiser they vouch to come on the platform.
  • — A balance of a minimum of 10 Million $AIDTOKENs makes an individual an Aidbit governor. The individual can participate in proposals, approve them or disapprove them and at the same time, the individual can create their proposals to be approved or disapproved by other governors. The amount of $AIDTOKENs in the wallet directly co-relates to the voting/governing power of the individual over proposals.